October was Cyber Security Awareness month and throughout the past four weeks ICT has hosted events, information sessions and shared content to help members of the university community protect their information and the information of the university. Here's a recap of the month's events.


Weekly Online Quizzes

Employees, who completed our How Cyber Smart Are You? quiz or participate in a weekly event are automatically entered to win a $10 Tim Hortons Gift and have a shot at winning one of our end of the month grand prizes of $250, $100 or $50 Visa Gift Cards!

Congratulations to all our weekly and Grand Prize winners:

Grand Prize Winners

$250 Visa Gift Card: Ruth Gilmour-Hildebrandt

$100 Visa Gift Card: Mark Wiebe

$50 Visa Gift Card: Piya Sen

Week four Winners

  • Sarah Poelzer
  • Kalyan Paul
  • Sheralyn Norton
  • Barb Bodnarchuk
  • Evan Closson
  • Brenda Vanstone
  • Corinne Andersen
  • Amy Stevens
  • Ann Martin
  • Erin Delathouwer

Congratulations to our week three $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card winners:

  • Ellen Redlick
  • Kevin Fuglerud
  • Jennaa Vanstone
  • David Brown
  • Dawn Game
  • Ted Toporowski
  • Sheena Rowan
  • Kathy Nazarali
  • Rachel Bloomfield
  • Rayelle Johnston

Congratulations to our week two $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card winners:

  • Paul Pennington
  • Kristine Eggertson
  • Vanessa Hyggen
  • Willem DeJong
  • Sophia Zhou
  • Ryan Ginther
  • Geoff Luczka
  • Chris Stewart
  • Corbin Golding
  • Janette Boden

Week one $10 Tim Hortons Gift Card winners:

  • Amy Karakochuk
  • Dustin Ahenakew
  • Mark Tomtene
  • Greg Spurgeon
  • Adrienne Thomas
  • Clay Benaschak
  • Zehra Rizvi
  • Rose Roberts
  • Paul Fraser
  • Carol Paetsch

Is Your Account At Risk?

Recently, many well-known retailers and social media sites have been victims of cyber attacks and data breaches. Our IT Support Specialists will be providing a service that searches thousands of online databases to determine if your email address has been exposed to a data breach or hack.

We'll be set up in the Geology Building on the second-floor hallway by Tim Horton’s on the following days:

  • Tuesday, October 9, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Wednesday, October 10, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Don't Get Caught Phishing

Phishing is still the number one way cybercriminals get access to your personal information. Stop by our two locations and review some potential phishing scenarios to help them identify potential phishing threats. Everyone who attends will receive entry to our weekly prize and be eligible for our monthly prize draw. 

  • Tuesday, October 16, Agri 2C71 from Noon till 1 PM. 
  • Thursday, October 18, Thorv 128 from Noon until 1 PM.  Cancelled 

Mobile Security Check In

Mobile devices have become the gateway to our personal, private and financial information. Our IT Support Specialists will be set up on campus and can walk you through setting up a strong password, updating your operating system and safe methods for downloading new apps.

The short check-in will leave you feeling confident that your device and information is secure. While you are there enjoy some treats and enter to win one of our weekly and monthly prizes.  

We'll be set up in the Geology Building on the second-floor hallway by Tim Horton’s on the following days:

  • Tuesday, October 23, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • Wednesday, October 24, 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

What You Need To Know

Cybercriminals often rely on human error such as clicking on an infected web link or reusing a weak password in order to gain access to systems and private information. Phishing, an activity where cybercriminals impersonate businesses or people has become the most common method to attempt to steal credentials and infect systems. 

You have an important role in helping to protect the information of the people who entrust us with their personal, academic and financial information. Online security training is available and recommended to ensure all members of the university know how to identify and report online threats.

Take the time to refresh your knowledge of some of the common security practices, such as:

  Safeguarding your personal information online

 Detecting and reporting online threats 

 Establishing safe remote and mobile connections

Contest Winners