MFA for students

During Cybersecurity Awareness month alone we had 6,843 students enable MFA! This brings the total of students with MFA enabled up to 80%.


During the month of October, we saw 4,151 staff participate in events and 3,751 phishing attempts reported!

Thanks to everyone for making this year's Cybersecurity Awareness Month a huge success. Although the month's events may be over, cybersecurity is important all year long.
Do your part to Secure the Pack Against Cyber Attacks by staying up to date on the best security practices.

Cybersecurity Virtual Bingo

Thanks to those that participated in this month-long virtual bingo!


Password Manager Clinic

Registration now closed.

In case you missed our password manager clinic, click here for USask supported options and more information. Or learn more about staying cyber safe by using password managers from the Government of Canada.

Ever been frustrated by the number of passwords you have to keep track of in your daily life? At one time, you might have had only a few – some simple ones for unimportant sites, some stronger ones, and perhaps a really good one for your most important data. With all the passwords for all the IT services we access in our professional and personal lives, it can quickly become a struggle to remember them all or worse – use one password for several applications and services!  Password managers are the solution you need to ensure your passwords are strong and unique to protect your data for each IT service you use.  


MFA Set Up Sessions

Registration is now closed

Join an IT Support Services agent for an online session showing you how to sign up for multi-factor authentication (MFA) on your USask account.


Discussion with USask's Chief Information Security Officer

Join USask's CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) for an interactive AMA (Ask Me Anything) discussion on cybersecurity. 

Registration is now closed but stay tuned for a link to the common questions asked. 

Cybersecurity trivia


Complete a new quiz each week! Put your cybersecurity skills to the test and pick up helpful tips that will help you be more cyber secure. 


Take the time to expand your cybersecurity knowledge and learn more about safe online practices you can incorporate into your daily life. Build your cyber score while completing online learning modules.

Additional Resources

Secure Your Devices and Accounts

Our mobile devices contain a lot of information about us. If we’re not careful, a cyber criminal can steal this information. Learn how to keep your device — and your data — safe.

Avoid Sharing Too Much Info Online

You probably know that you should be careful sharing personal details about yourself, like your home address or phone number online. What you might not know is that sometimes seemingly innocent information, like the name of your first pet, can be used to steal your data.

Get Cyber Safe - Tips for Kids and Families

You may have grown up with some technology, but kids today are growing up right in the thick of it. Kids are surrounded by technology like touch screens and streaming services, and they seem to know everything there is to know about the latest online trends and topics (which might be why they’re better at resetting the router  than you are).

Weekly Winners

Week 1
  • Muhammad Ali
  • Yemisi Ogunniyi
  • Sarah Zelinski
  • Alex Weckworth
  • Hamza Nizamani
  • Elizabeth Adewale
  • Drumlin Crape
  • Paige Hinson
  • Naomye Jones
  • Kurt Hoffman

Week 2

  • Ryan Wheeler
  • Faith Muhumuza
  • Ciarra Thiessen
  • Hiba Zahid
  • Levi Jones
  • Eunice Domingo
  • Kyle Janeczko
  • Justine Marchuk
  • Stephanie Wong
  • Megan Evans

Week 3

  • Alyssa Keshane
  • Kale Dobrohoczki
  • Jace Ryan
  • Teketel Haile
  • Emma James
  • Zhi Li
  • Stacey Schewaga
  • Miranda Zwiefelhofer
  • David Kolla
  • Heather Wood 

Week 4

  • Gian Bustamante
  • Adeola Adekitan
  • Mitchell Schmidt
  • Erika Lanzer
  • Jana Hambleton
  • Makinley Okraincee
  • Devon Musey
  • Shaheen Amir
  • Ashley Nguyen
  • Tave Schumacher

MFA enrollment winners

  • Mateo Arias Diaz
  • Dawson Gibson
  • Melina Kristensen