One of the most damaging ways cybercriminals attack large organizations is by gaining access to IT networks to disrupt services, transmit malware or steal data. Once malware begins to spread and attack the network, preserving information and preventing the further spread becomes a great challenge.

What are we doing?

We are segmenting our network to create boundaries between devices and systems so users can have access to the information and systems they need while limiting the chance of infections spreading between multiple devices or gaining access to sensitive university information. Segmentation strengthens our defense against attacks by:

  • Limiting the spread of malware;

  • Protecting sensitive resources by only allowing trusted access to them;

  • Allowing for additional security controls to be added to specific areas to manage increased risk without imposing the settings on all users.

How will this impact me?

These changes to the university network should be unnoticeable to most members of the university community, but in some instances, the following may occur: 

  • Limited access to university systems from a personal device - faculty, staff, and students who connect to the university network with a personal device (laptop, mobile phone or tablet) will only be able to access public-facing services like PAWS with their personal device. Access to university systems that contain personal, financial or research data will only be accessible with devices that are managed by the university. Find out what USask network you are currently connected to. 

  • Service outages - the majority of the network changes will be applied outside of regular business hours to limit the impact on users. If you experience an issue please contact IT Support Services for assistance. 

When will the changes happen?

ICT is planning on applying the network changes on June 1, 2019. If you have questions or concerns about the impact of these changes please contact IT Support Services prior to the changes occurring.

Help and Support

IT Support Services is available at or 306-966-2222 to help explain the impact of these changes and help troubleshoot any issues. 

What USask Network are you on?

The network you are currently connected to is:


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