Phishing Training Exercise


A subset of university email accounts are selected to participate in the exercise. The selected email users receive a fictitious email designed to be a replication of a real phishing attempt. 

Phishing Email Example 

Screen Shto

Email users that click on the link are directed to a replication of the university's CAS login page. 

Replicated CAS Log In Page

Log in

If users provide authentification they are directed to a custom landing page on the IT Security website notifying them of the training exercise and inviting them to review the IT security online training and resources available on the website.  

Training Information Landing Page 

Landing page

The Objective of the Exercise

The email security training exercises are designed to heighten the awareness of email phishing and malware attempts. The most common method for cyber criminals to access your personal or work information is by misleading email users into providing personal information or credentials. By conducting the exercises, email users can experience how attacks occur and become more aware of the techniques used to safeguard their personal information and the information of members of their organization. 

Learn More

To learn about what you can do to protect your information online visit the training and resources section on this website. If you have questions or comments about IT security please contact the ICT Service Desk at