IT Security Training

Online information security training is available to all members of the university community. The training modules take you through best practices for how to protect your personal information and contribute to a safe information technology environment for the university.  

About the Training

Why is the training provided?
Protecting the information of the institution and all members of the university community is a shared responsibility. The U of S provides access to the SANS security awareness training videos so that faculty, staff and students can become more familiar with information security best practices in order to better protect themselves both at work and at home.

Who should take the training?
All faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the online video modules. Each month new videos covering different information security topics will be featured. 

How do I get started? 
Click the button below to take the online training. Descriptions of the featured modules are provided.

Featured Modules

Below are the short IT security training videos featured this month. Averaging between 2 - 5 minutes in length, the videos cover a wide-range of information security topics that you can apply at home and at work. And don't be concerned, some of our friends in the videos may look a bit creepy, but they have plenty of great information to keep you safe.

Social Networks

Course Description 
Social Networks have exploded in popularity. Social networking sites are a primary communication tool where people freely share information. This video provides examples of the risks of sharing information online and steps that you can take to prevent identity theft, spreading malware, scams, and targeted attacks.


Course Description 
Passwords are critical for information security. Employees learn why passwords are important and what makes a strong password, with an emphasis on passphrases. In addition, we cover how to protect and safely use passwords, including the use of different passwords, password managers, and not sharing passwords with others.

Working Remotely

Course Description 
For many organizations, employees no longer work at the office. Instead, they work from home or on the road while traveling.  Since organizations no longer have physical control of people's work environment, there are unique risks.  This module focuses on how these employees can protect themselves, including laptop security and creating a secure, mobile working environment.

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Past Modules

We've kept a list of the past featured modules just in case you wanted to go back in for a refresher start the training videos from the beginning. 

International Travel

Course Description 
This module explains the risk while traveling internationally and steps employees can take to protect themselves and their information.

You are the Shield

Course Description 
You may not realize it, but you are the best defence we have against cyber attackers.

Social Engineering

Course Description 
Cyber attackers have learned that the easiest way to take control of your computer, mobile device, or information is to simply ask.

Email, Phishing & Messaging

Course Description 
Email is one of the most common methods used by cyber attackers to gain access to your information. Be suspicious of any odd emails or messages creating a strong sense of urgency or fear.