About the Training

Protecting the information of the institution and all members of the university community is a high priority and a shared responsibility. Online attacks against targeting individuals and organizations have rapidly increased in recent years resulting in significant financial and reputational harm. 


Who should take the training?

All faculty and staff are encouraged to complete the online survey and training modules. The cybersecurity training program will provide valuable information to help you identify online risks, become more aware of common types of cyberattacks and better equip you to report threats.


How do I get started? 

The online training program offered by Beauceron, an industry leader in cybersecurity training, includes a short survey and four training modules that can be completed in less than an hour. Access to the program is available at securityawareness.usask.ca/login and you can log in using your nsid@usask.ca. You have the option to save and come back to complete the training right where you left off at any time.


Know your cyber score

The results of the survey and training modules will help generate a personal cyber risk score which represents your cybersecurity knowledge at the time of the survey. The cyber risk score can be used to identify future training opportunities and be improved each time you complete an online course or report a phishing email. The lower your cyber risk score is – the more desirable it is.